The production

Our fabrics

... are woven, dyed and finished in Germany. And that according to different standards - this depends on the materiality. We guarantee environmentally friendly production with the following test seals, among others:



Ökotex 100

In addition, we place high demands on the durability of our fabrics - and this is also shown by our weaving mills, which even survived all textile crises in Germany in terms of survival.

We also subject our products to very unusual tests. For example, we shot at our machine-washable business suit with a high-pressure cleaner from the yard. And he survived ...


Our production

... takes place as close as possible to our environment. Our limited editions and premium small series are produced in Berlin. Our classics 100% fair and in the European Union. Of course and clearly about the UN Global Compact conditions.


Our ingredients

... also come from German brand manufacturers or regional manufacturers with many years of experience